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This website provides a wide variety of materials useful for research, teaching and/or pastoral purposes. We welcome contributions by scholars and pastors, teachers and students, to help make this site even more helpful for you. If you have any suggestions or if you wish to contribute something to this growing collection, please e-mail (replacing --at-- with @).


  • INTRODUCTORY MATERIALS: Texts, outlines, comparative charts, and study guides.

  • ART and IMAGES: Paintings, mosaics, stained glass, and other works of art related to each chapter of John's Gospel.

  • BIBLIOGRAPHY: Commentaries, Books, Articles, Essays, and Book Reviews related to the Johannine Gospel and Epistles; mostly in English, some in Foreign Languages; mostly published since 1900, some older.

  • E-TEXTS: Electronic Texts and Translations, On-Line Introductions, Commentaries, Scholarly Articles and Essays, Sermons and Bible Study Guides.

  • GEOGRAPHY and ARCHAEOLOGY: Information, links, maps, and pictures of places mentioned in John (please contribute to this growing collection of resources!)

  • MUSIC, THEATER, and FILM: Lists and links of performance materials related to John's Gospel.

  • PAPYRI and MANUSCRIPTS: Lists and links of ancient papyri and manuscripts important for Johannine studies.

  • STRUCTURAL OUTLINES: Schematic analyses and summaries of each chapter of John's Gospel.

  • WEBPAGES with COLLECTIONS of LINKS: Other websites with materials related to Johannine Literature.



  • Johannine Literature [John_Lit] - a moderated list for scholarly discussion, restricted to academic aspects
  • Gospel of John [Gosp_John] - an open list for general discussion, including religious and spiritual aspects
  • See also Discussion Lists - a list of other biblically-related discussion groups, compiled by Dr. Mark Goodacre

with Substantial On-Line Materials:

with Syllabi and Basic Information:

  • BIB 233: Gospel of John - undergraduate course, by Prof. Vernon Caston (Crown Adult Programs, Crown College)
  • Rel 309: John - undergraduate course, by Prof. Mahlon H. Smith (Rutgers University; no longer online)
  • The Gospel of John - seminary course, by Prof. Scott Lewis, SJ (Regis College, University of Toronto; no longer online)
  • THEO 252: The Fourth Gospel - online course by Dr. Mary Coloe and Prof. Frank Moloney (Australian Catholic University; no longer online)
  • NTG 811: The Gospel of John - graduate course, by Dr. R. Alan Culpepper (McAfee School of Theology, Mercer University; no longer online)
  • Johannine Courses by Prof. Tom Thatcher (Cincinnati Bible College and Seminary; no longer online)

GRADUATE STUDENT PROJECTS (from the Department of Theological Studies, Loyola Marymount University):

Note: The following pages were developed for a graduate seminar on the Fourth Gospel at Loyola Marymount University in Fall 1999. Feel free to read these materials, but please do not copy or distribute any of the materials on these pages without explicit permission. Thank you!

  • Characterizations: literary analyses of some of the main characters in the Fourth Gospel (by Randy Lopez)
  • Film and Media: the influence of John in film, television, and modern multi-media (by Glenn Buxton)
  • Liturgy and Music: the impact of John on Christian liturgy and liturgical music (by Gail Gresser)
  • Relational Ethics: Johannine ethics as a study in relationality (pages removed, at student's request)
  • Old Testament Influences: OT citations, characters, events and themes related to John (by Paul Fraser)
  • Patristic Theology: Johannine themes the early Church Councils (by David Arias)
  • Sharing John's Gospel: a plan for using John in parish religious education & catechesis (by Craig Bogley)
  • Social Justice: the application of Johannine themes to some social justice issues (by John Traxler)
  • Vocabulary: some important Johannine literary themes and vocabulary (by Dale Loepp)

  • Other Ideas for Future Student Projects:
    • Gnostic Uses & Developments
    • Greco-Roman Influences
    • Pre-Gospel Sources
    • Narrative Criticism
    • Rhetorical Analyses
    • Social-Science Interpretations
    • Textual Criticism

  • Bibliography Expansions:
    • Lists of Ancient, Medieval, and Pre-modern Commentaries
    • Commentaries and Studies published in other languages (add more)
    • "Pathfinders" - key references on certain Johannine topics for intermediate students
  • Film Reviews: analyses of Jesus films and related videos from the perspective of John's Gospel
  • Johannine Glossary: short introductions to the characters, places, titles, events, and key terms in John
  • Johannine Theology / Word Study: articles on some key aspects: believing, Logos, sin, salvation, etc.
If you would like to contribute to any of the above projects, please e-mail (replacing --at-- with @)
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