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Structural Outlines of the Fourth Gospel  
and the Johannine Epistles

by Felix Just, S.J., Ph.D.

John 1:
The Gospel Prologue (1:1-18)
The Testimony of John [the Baptist] (1:19-34)
The First Disciples of Jesus (1:35-51)

John 2-3:
The Wedding at Cana (2:1-12)
Jesus Cleanses the Temple (2:13-22)
The Conversation with Nicodemus (2:23—3:21)
Jesus and John the Baptist (3:22-36)

John 4:
The Samaritan Woman at the Well (4:1-42)
Jesus Heals a Royal Official's Son (4:43-54)

John 5:
The Sabbath Healing at the Pool of Bethesda (5:1-18)
The Ensuing Monologue of Jesus (5:19-47)

John 6:
The Feeding of the Five Thousand (6:1-15)
Jesus Walks on the Water (6:16-21)
The Bread of Life Discourse (6:22-59)
The Words of Eternal Life (6:60-71)

John 7-8:
Jesus at the Feast of Tabernacles (Booths / Sukkoth) (7:1—8:59)
  Part I: Beginning of the Feast (7:1-13)
  Part II: The Middle of the Feast (7:14-36)
  Part III: The Last Day of the Feast (7:37-52; 8:12-59)
     [The Woman Caught in Adultery: 7:53—8:11; not originally in John]
     Jesus, the Light of the World (8:12-30)
     Jesus and Abraham (8:31-59)

John 9-10:
Jesus Gives Sight to a Man Blind since Birth (9:41)
Jesus the Good Shepherd (10:1-21)
Jesus Is Rejected by the Jews (10:22-42)

John 11-12:
The Death and Raising of Lazarus (11:1-54)
Before the Passover; The Anointing at Bethany (11:55—12:11)
Jesus' Entry into Jerusalem (12:12-19)
The "Hour" of Jesus (12:20-50)

John 13-16:
Jesus Washes the Disciples' Feet and Foretells His Betrayal (13:1-30)
The Last Supper Discourses (13:31-38; 14:1-31; 15:1-27; 16:1-33)

John 17:
Jesus Prays to the Father (17:1-26)

John 18-19:
The Passion Narrative - Part I (18:1-27)
The Trial of Jesus before Pilate (18:28-40 & 19:1-16a)
The Crucifixion, Death, and Burial of Jesus (19:16b-42)

John 20:
The Empty Tomb and Resurrection Appearances (20:1-29)
The First Conclusion (20:30-31)

John 21:
Epilogue: Another Resurrection Appearance (21:1-14)
Jesus, Peter, and the Beloved Disciple (21:15-25)

The Johannine Epistles:
1 John
2 John
3 John

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