Sixteen Biblical Blessings for Pope Benedict XVI
by Felix Just, S.J., Ph.D.

The name “Benedict” comes from the Latin word benedictus, meaning “blessed.” It is derived from the verb bene-dicere, which literally means “to speak well of.” The equivalent words in biblical Greek are eulogeo (“to bless or praise”), eulogia (“blessing”), eulogetos (“blessed”), and the closely related makarios (“blessed”), makarizo (“to call or consider blessed”), and makarismos (“blessedness”).

May Pope Benedict XVI truly be blessed by God, and may he be a blessing for all people. May the new Bishop of Rome, all the bishops, and all Christian believers be inspired by the following sixteen selections, and all the blessings found in the Sacred Scriptures.

1) God creates and blesses the whole human race:

2) God blesses Abraham and his descendents, and the Patriarchs bless their descendents:

3) God instructs Moses on how the priests are to bless the people (“The Priestly Blessing of Aaron”):

4) Moses blesses the Israelites about to enter the Promised Land:

5) Blessings in the Psalms and the Prophets:

6) Blessings in the Gospels related to Mary, the Mother of Jesus:

7) Jesus teaches the crowds the “Beatitudes”:

8) Jesus instructs his followers to bless their enemies, a teaching repeated in the Letters of Paul and Peter:

9) Jesus blesses his disciples, or calls them blessed, on various occasions:

10) Blessings in the Parables of Jesus:

11) Quoting from the Psalms, crowds call Jesus blessed as he enters Jerusalem:

12) Climactic Challenges and Final Blessings in the Fourth Gospel:

13) Blessings in the Letters of Paul:

14) Blessings in the Epistle of James:

15) Blessings in the First Letter of Peter:

16) Blessings in the Book of Revelation:


[Note: All quotations are taken from the NRSV, the "New Revised Standard Version" of the Bible.]

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