Resources for Biblical Studies
by Felix Just, S.J., Ph.D.

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"Threshold Bible Study"
and other scripture-study series, by Stephen Binz

"Threshold" - Thematic Studies:

  • Advent Light
  • Angels of God
  • Divine Mercy
  • Eucharist
  • The Feasts of Judaism
  • God’s Spousal Love
  • The Holy Spirit and Spiritual Gifts
  • Jerusalem, The Holy City
  • Missionary Discipleship
  • Mysteries of the Rosary
  • The Names of Jesus
  • People of the Passion
  • Pilgrimage in the Footsteps of Jesus
  • The Resurrection and the Life
  • The Sacred Heart
  • Stewardship of the Earth
  • The Tragic and Triumphant Cross

"Threshold" - Biblical Book Studies:

  • Matthew: Jesus, the Messianic King (2 vols.)
  • Mark: Jesus, the Suffering Servant (2 vols.)
  • Luke: Jesus, the Compassionate Savior (2 vols.)
  • John: Jesus, the Word Made Flesh (2 vols.)
  • Acts: Church of the Holy Spirit (2 vols.)
  • The Book of Revelation: The Lamb and the Beasts

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Ancient-Future Bible Study (by Baker Publishing):

  • Abraham: Father of All Believers
  • David: Shepherd and King of Israel
  • Peter: Fisherman and Shepherd of the Church
  • Paul: Apostle to All the Nations
  • Women of the Torah: Matriarchs and Heroes of Israel
  • Women of the Gospels: Friends and Disciples of Jesus

Lectio Divina Bible Studies

  • The Creed in Scripture
  • The Mass in Scripture
  • Learning to Pray in Scripture

Threshold Bible Study:

Ancient-Future Bible Study:
Lectio Divina Bible Study:



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More Bibliographical Recommendations:

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