Resources for Biblical Studies
by Felix Just, S.J., Ph.D.

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"Alive in the Word"
A new scripture-study series by The Liturgical Press

Cloud of Witnesses:

  • Mary: Favored By God
  • Sarah & Hagar: Women of Promise
  • Paul: Proclaiming Christ Crucified
  • Moses: Called and Equipped
  • John the Baptist: Forerunner
  • Barnabas: Man for Others (coming soon)

Virtues for Disciples:

  • Trust: Confidence in the God of Salvation
  • Mercy: God’s Nature, Our Challenge
  • Hope: An Anchor in Today's World
  • Hospitality: Welcoming the Stranger

Seasons of Our Lives:

  • Empty Nest: Time for Letting Go
  • Dashed Hopes: When Our Best-Laid Plans Fall Apart
  • Grief: Finding Hope in Sorrow (coming soon)

Liturgical Seasons:

  • Lent, Season of Transformation
  • Easter, Season of Life and Fire
  • Advent, Season of Divine Encounter (coming soon)
  • Christmas, Season of Hope and Wonder (coming soon)


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More Bibliographical Recommendations:

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Part 2: Exegetical Handbooks | OT Intros | NT Intros | Non-Canonical Collections | Church Documents | Miscellaneous
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